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I love My land,Green Bangladesh is my home land. I am proud for My country


Updated (New Software Collection)

Add Roster
Admin Bot
Ban Bot
Ban Flood Ids
Buzzclub Flooder
Coderboys Room pro serice
Dj Unlimited room Flooder
Emo Boy 
Id Maker Version3 
Lady Zombie 
Nuke Room Bomber 
Sinobi Password Changer 
PVT+ADD Flooder 
Quiz Translator Talk bot 
Search Chat Weather Bot 
Sinobi Autobot V1 
Sinobi Autobot V2
Unlimited ids flooder fullmusti 
Ahsan Flooder

Cobra room Searcher
Cobra Flooder 
Crime Flooder 
Crime Super Flooder 
5 Room Flood 
Left Enter flood 
Call + Add Flood
Room Flood V2 
Love Bot 

Nimbuzz Other Jabber Cilents

Jabber client being developed to be a "successor" to the very popular client Winjab. It's smaller, faster, easier to use, and looks better.It have the capability to communicate with users of other instant messaging systems (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, etc..) .It will provide you with great easy of use and safe communication. suitable and power full Client for Nimbuzz.


 Shayan All Tools

Id maker 1
Id maker 2 
Room Robot 1
Room Robot (Pro)
Id Hacker 1
Id Hacker 2
Picture Graber

 Old Zombie All Collection
 All Zombie 

Other Tools

Chating Warrior 1.1
Chatting Warrior pro 1.9 


K- Emulator free Download 

The emulator of java-games allows to emulate on the computer of a 3D java-game and game a size 240х320 (and less).

- Possibility to play games for the screens of touches a mouse.
- Record of video
- It is possible to do skrinshoty
- It is possible to change the mode (for every telephone there is the mode)
- Use Java Softwares
- So you can run Nimbuzz or Bombus n also baby ngiler flood soft in pc...